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I . to [tu:, tu, tə] İLGEÇ

2. to (attending regularly):

v +ak

3. to (inviting to):


5. to (in contact with):

6. to (attached to):


8. to (with respect to):


9. to (in response):

v zvezi z vašim oglasom ...

10. to (belonging to):

od +gen

11. to (compared to):

od +gen

12. to (in scores):

proti +dat
to win by 2 goals to 1

14. to (expressing change of state):

15. to (to point in time):

do +gen
and to this day ...

16. to (including):

17. to Brit (in clock times):

do +gen

19. to (according to):

what's it to you? fam

II . to [tu:, tu, tə] to form infinitive

1. to (expressing future intention):

2. to (forming requests):

4. to (omitting verb):

5. to after adj (to complete meaning):

6. to (expressing purpose):

8. to (after wh- words):

9. to (introducing clause):

ˈlean-to İSİM

1. lean-to (building extension):

2. lean-to (camping shelter):

lean-to Am Aus

onto, on to [ˈɒntu:] İLGEÇ

2. onto after vb (to surface of):

3. onto after vb (connected to):

5. onto (in pursuit of):

6. onto (in touch with):

7. onto fam (in reminder to):

ˈow·ing to İLGEÇ form owing to sth

re·lat·ing to [rɪˈleɪtɪŋ-] İLGEÇ

ˈset-to İSİM fam

ˈtalk·ing-to İSİM pej

-to-be [təˈbi:] COMP

-to-be boss-, husband-:


to-do [təˈdu:] İSİM usu sing fam (fuss)

back-to-ˈschool SIFAT

bumper-to-ˈbumper ZARF attr

to come to nought FİİL

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as to İLGEÇ

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put to FİİL

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put to silence atasözü

set to FİİL

Kullanıcı sözlük maddesi

to address FİİL

Kullanıcı sözlük maddesi

to bite FİİL

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