Bir kelime veya deyimin İngilizce çevirisi nedir? Çevirim doğru mu? Lütfen olabildiğince çok kontekst yazın...
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25.05.2010 09:20:23


gönderen Loulou
Hi there, a penpal wrote me, that she eats Stutenkerle in December. Can you explain to me what that is? I guess it is made out of meat, as Stute is a mare, but a Kerl is a fellow, so I can’t imagine what it could be... Thank you!
25.05.2010 13:29:12

Re: Stutenkerle

gönderen GirlyGirl
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Kayıt: 12.05.2010 10:12:41
Hi! No, it has nothing to do with horses :-D A Stutenkerl is something that is baked, a Stuten (not Stute!) is a bakery product made out of yeast dough. Just search for Stutenkerl on and you can see photos of it. I still love them, although I think they are made for children actually! :)

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