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16.07.2013 22:04:36

Austrian Phone bill help!!!

gönderen ericburnard
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Kayıt: 16.07.2013 21:59:40
Hi there.

I have just received an email from my mobile carrier in Austria (A1) who i am trying to settle my account with. My German is not overly amazing. If someone could clarify a few points that would be amazing! This is the email

Sehr geehrter Herr Keeler !

Bezugnehmend auf Ihr Mail erlauben wir uns im Anhang
die RG Unterlagen, Kontoauszug Anmeldung zu übermitteln.

Wir machen aber auch darauf aufmerksam, dass ein Teil der RG Monate
bereits eingeklagt wurde und diese Bearbeitung über die Kanzlei Mag. Friedrich Hartl läuft .

Im obigen Fall sind für die offenen vorgerichtichen RG Monate welche über unser Inkasso Service bearbeitet wird noch EURO 844,-- zu bezahlen.

Wir ersuchen um Überweisung/Erledigung
und verbleiben

IS Inkasso Service GmbH

Südtirolerstr. 9
4020 Linz

...Bank Details are here...

Now what i can tell is that when the debt was passed over to the collection agency, I owed 844 Euros. No what i am not sure about is, if when i pay them the 844, is this the debt finished and erased or will i still owe the debt collectors money as well. I have emailed the collectors as well but in return got an email direct from A1.

Thanks for anyone who can help me out!!
29.07.2013 13:11:20

Re: Austrian Phone bill help!!!

gönderen Laura77
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Kayıt: 17.10.2011 15:37:18
Hi ericburnard,

As no other mention is made, it seems like they are only talking about the amount of 844,- still to be paid.

Did you perhaps receive a reminder/payment demand that mentioned any dunning fees or extra charges?

31.07.2013 09:50:13

Re: Austrian Phone bill help!!!

gönderen Major Tom
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Kayıt: 31.07.2013 08:19:29
im my understanding there are 2 parts/periods/months of payments, one of which is now being requested by IS Inkasso "Services" at 844 EUR, and the other has been brought to court via Kanzlei Mag. Friedrich Hartl (a lawyers association) separately. You will probably receive additional (unfavorable ) mail from those.
Be careful to check any bills etc. before paying! Sometimes (in Germany) they send you these kind of mails without any reasonable justification and hope for the careless to just pay without checking. Generally, emails are not seen as the correct form to transmit those requests but written letters/fax is required.
Be careful !

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