FAQ Text Translation

Here you can see all the questions and answers that our users – and possibly also you yourself – have asked (and had answered) about translating texts. Not found what you are looking for? No problem! Just get in touch directly with our online department at info@pons.com. Your questions will be answered directly. If you have any questions about specific products, please contact our customer service department at kundenservice@pons.de.

How can I translate complete sentences or texts?

In addition to the PONS Online Dictionary, the PONS Text Translation System is also available on pons.com. This allows you to translate phrases, sentences or even complete texts. We are constantly working to improve our products and services. Unfortunately, our products don’t always have the same technical standards in all languages. The PONS Translate app, for example, also includes a dictionary and text translation system.  In some languages, the app recognises if the user wants to translate a word or a complete text and automatically activates the text translation system for longer sequences. This is not (yet) available for all languages. If you have typed a text into the PONS Translate app and your result is only a single word, activate the PONS Text Translation System using the green translation icon. Now your text will be translated.

Why doesn’t the text translation provide a perfect result?

The different languages for our machine translations are provided by different co-operation partners. The translations are the latest automatic text translations. Unfortunately, due to sentence structure, unusual words, missing context or errors in the source text there can be translation problems that an algorithm cannot completely solve. A machine translation gives you a basic understanding of the text and should always be checked using a dictionary.

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